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#[[Lacewing on papaya]]
#[[Lacewing on papaya]]
#[[New Guinea sugarcane weevil damage to coconut]]
#[[New Guinea sugarcane weevil damage to coconut]]
#[http://www.uvm.edu/albeetle/news/ChicagovsALBrevised2005.pdf ALB Eradication in Chicago]
==Bibliographic References==
==Bibliographic References==

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  1. Widow Spider
  2. Chinese rose beetle on corn
  3. Lacewing on papaya
  4. New Guinea sugarcane weevil damage to coconut
  5. ALB Eradication in Chicago

Bibliographic References

Here's an idea on how one might link to bibliographic references stored in a WIKINDX database.

  1. Build a Template:Ref. The parameter contains the WIKINDX record number for the reference, followed by a space, followed by whatever the author wants displayed as a link:
  2. Call the template:
    Interesting data were reported by {{ref|11 Kumashiro & Heu, 1997}}


Interesting data were reported by Kumashiro & Heu, 1997.


Kumashiro, Bernarr R. and Ronald A. Heu. 1997. New Records for Hawaiian Insects. In Records of the Hawaii Biological Survey for 1996, Honolulu: Bishop Museum.

Example 2

Bourquin, O. (2002). Invertebrates recorded from the Northern Mariana Islands: Status 2002 Saipan: Northern Marianas College. WIKINDX PDF