Spodoptera picta

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Spodoptera picta BL 22mm; Specimen AM20071003.001
  • Specimen AM20071003.001 found resting on giant lily by Phil in front of Guam Visitors Bureau, Tumon, Guam on 3 Oct. 2007. The lily plant had significant feeding damage, but no caterpillars were apparent.
Label Data

resting on giant lily
GUAM: Tumon
13.501391N 144.788772E
Coll. P. Santos 3-OCT-2007

Spodoptera picta
Det. A. Moore 3-OCT-2007
  • Identified as Spodoptera picta (synonym = Calogramma festiva) (LEPIDOPTERA: NOCTUIDAE), lily caterpillar, by comparison to 2 specimens in the University of Guam insect collection