Thrips and whiteflies on eggplant

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  • Mr. Edward T. Duenas
  • Windward Hills, Rt. 17
  • 789-1843


Problem Definition

Mr. Duenas visited the campus on March 27, 2007 to request information on insect pests affecting his commercial eggplant production. Mr. Duenas purchased an Eggplant, Pepper, and Tomato Production Guide for Guam. Dr. Moore asked for samples to determine which species of pests he was dealing with. Fruit samples and leaf samples were dropped off on March 28.

The eggplant fruits had minor damage caused by thrips feeding underneath the calyx. The leaf sample looked very healthy. Only a few adult whiteflies were evident. However examination under the microscope indicated that the lower surface was heavily infested with whitefly eggs and thrips. No feeding damage was seen, so this must be a new infestation. Numerous mites were also seen but it could not be determined if these were beneficial predators or plant feeders.


Because there is very little damage, and the plants are already being harvests, no insecticidal treatment is warranted for this crop cycle. Field sanitation, plowing the plants under as soon as the harvest finishes, will help to protect nearby and subsequent crops.