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New Insects Detected on Guam between 1998 and 2007


Formicidae, ants

Lepisiota sp.


Quadrastichus erythrinae, Erythrina gall wasp



Chilades pandava, Cycad blue butterfly

  • 2005


Phereoeca allutella, household casebearer

  • 2006


Daphnis nerii, Oleander hawk moth

  • 2005


Coccinelidae, lady beetles

Henosepilachna sp.

  • 2007

Scarabaeidae, scarab beetles

Popillia near taiwana

  • 2004?

Oryctes rhinoceros, coconut rhinoceros beetle

  • 2007

Curculionidae, weevils

Myllocerus sp.

  • 2003



Diaphorina citri, Asian citrus psyllid


Orthezia insignis, greenhouse coccid

  • 2004

Pseudococcidae, mealybugs

Nipaecoccus nipae, Coconut mealybug

  • 2004

Papaya mealybug

Pink hibiscus mealybug

Diaspididae, armored scales

Aulascaspis yasumatsui, Asian cycad scale

  • 2003

Pseudaulacaspis cockerelli, False oleander scale

  • 2003

Aleyrodidae, Whiteflies

During a survey of whiteflies and parasitoids on Pacific islands, De Barro (1997) found eight exotic species on Guam, five of which were new island records.

Aleurocanthus spiniferus

  • 1997 De Barro 1997 p
  • This is a minor pest of citrus. In the Pacific it was previously known from the Northern Mariana Islands, Palau and Hawaii. Elsewhere it is widely distributed through south-east Asia and central Africa and is widely distributed through the warmer parts of world. It is known from Australia. Now known to be also in Papua New Guinea, Truk and Guam.

Aleurotuberculatus nr takahashi

  • 1997 De Barro 1997 x
  • Aleurotuberculatus nr takahashii on citrus. This is not regarded as a pest. It is not known from the Pacific and most probably originated from India.

Dialeurodes citrifolii

  • 1997 De Barro 1997 p
  • Dialeurodes citrifolii on citrus. This species has previously been known in the Pacific only from Western Samoa and elsewhere from India, Japan, China, Vietnam, Caribbean, Central America, Brazil, Venezuela and the southern USA. It is a pest of citrus.

Dialeuropora decempunctata

  • 1997 De Barro 1997 x
  • Dialeuropora decempuncta on Annona reticulata. In the Pacific it has been previously described from New Caledonia and Tonga. Elsewhere it has been recorded from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaya and Taiwan. It is not known to be a pest.

Tetraleurodes acaciae

  • 1997 De Barro 1997 x
  • De Barro 1997 found this species on papaya. This is an unusual record. It has been recorded from Mexico, southern USA and Jamaica. It is new to the Pacific. Now known to be in Guam.

Metaleurodes cardini, Cardin’s whitefly

  • 2004

Aleurotrachelus trachoides

  • 2004


De Barro 1997. Survey of Bemesia tabaci biotype B whitefly (also known as B. argentifolii) and its natural enemies in the South Pacific. Report downloaded from on June 29, 2007.