4H Entomology Program 2008

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The 2008 4H Entomology program was run during the afternoons of June 23 through June 27 under the leadership of Dr. Aubrey Moore, UOG Extension Entomologist. The 18 participants were provided with collecting kits and insect nets which they kept at the end of the program. Topics covered, activities, and skills learned during the program included:

  • Insect collecting techniques
  • An overview of insect biology and classification
  • How to make a collection. Students learned to pin insects, spread butterflies, and label specimens correctly. At the end of the program, each student had an insect collection to take home.
  • How to use a zoom stereo microscope to examine small insects
  • Students learned about the coconut rhinoceros beetle, cycad scale, and how these and other invasive species are affecting Guam
  • Field trip to the University of Guam Agricultural Experiment Station at Yigo to collect pest insects.
  • Field trip to the National Wildlife Refuge at Ritidian to learn about endemic plants and animals and how Guam's ecology is being impacted by invasive species. The class visited the limestone forest and beach strand habitats.