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   University of Guam
   Cooperative Extension Service
   Agriculture and Natural Resources Section
   Pest Fact Sheet Series
Example Image:
Chilades pandava ovipositing on emerging Cycas micronesica foliage. Photo by Aubrey Moore; Ritidian Point, Guam: 24 May 2006.

Common Name(s)

First common name, Second common name


  • Order: Scientific name for order (common name(s) for order)
    • Family: Scientific name for family (common name(s) for family)
      • Species: Current scientific name for species
        • Synonyms: Synonym 1, Synonym 2, ...


  • Scientific name for host 1 (common name(s) for host 1)
  • Scientific name for host 2 (common name(s) for host 2)


Control Recommendations


The programs of the University of Guam Cooperative Extension Service are open to all regardless of age, race, color, national origin, religion, sex, or disability.
Reference to product names does not imply approval or recommendation of such products by the University of Guam to the exclusion of others that may be equally suitable.