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(Proposed Trap Placement)
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#[[Media:Trap_placement_for_area_east_of_GVB.pdf|Area east of GVB]]
#[[Media:Trap_placement_for_area_east_of_GVB.pdf|Area east of GVB]]
==To Do==
==To Do==

Latest revision as of 13:44, 4 December 2007

Proposed Trap Placement

  1. Hilton Not available; Google Earth image obscured by clouds in Hilton area
  2. Westin
  3. Mariot
  4. Nikko
  5. Hyatt / Sand Castle
  6. Ohana Bay View / Ocean View
  7. Okura
  8. Area south of Hyatt
  9. Area east of GVB
  10. Trankilidat
  11. Tarza

To Do

  • DONE: Fell standing dead coconuts at Faifai Beach and check for grubs
    • Done on 27 Nov 2007; 4 dead standing coconuts were felled; found 6 3rd instar; grubs in one of them --Phil 15:03, 29 November 2007 (PST)
  • DONE: Check/replace SPC traps at Ordot dump
  • DONE: Deliver 15 traps top Mark Rattcliff at Fiesta. Record GPS locations when deployed.
  • Make arrangements with Navy / Airforce for trap deployment/checking
  • DONE: Get data on LMS traps
  • More perimeter traps at Oka Pt. and near Two Lover's Pt.

How to dump your GPS data

  1. Open Easy GPS that you can download free
  2. Turn on GPS & connect to computer with USB cable
  3. On Easy GPS page press "Recieve" button
  4. Save changes to file

example: PIS76-2007-11-30
PIS (Plant Inspection Station) 76 (GPS#) (then date of dump)

  1. Tansfer all data into Excel File (This will make it easy to tansfer information over the web)
  2. E-mail GPS Dump file (*.gpx) and field data (*.xls) to aubreymoore@guam.net or amoore@guam.uog.edu