Hyperaspis silvestrii

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Label Data

CNMI: Tinian: San Jose
ex Plumeria leaf
coll. J. A. Tenorio 2-AUG-2007

Hyperaspis silvestrii Weise
det. A. Moore 30-AUG-2007
GUAM: Agana Heights
coll. P. Wall 5-FEB-2008

Hyperaspis silvestrii Weise
det. A. Moore 13-FEB-2008


  • BL 2mm; elytra without pubescence, punctate; 4 pale yellow spots in a 2-2 pattern
  • Keys out to Hyperaspis silvestrii Weise using Leeper(1976).
  • Introduced to Hawaii from Mexico in 1922. Hosts include Pseudococcus nipae (=Nipaecoccus nipae), and Pseodococcus pseudonipae (=Nipaecoccus nipae) (Leeper 1976).
  • Also preys on papaya mealybug, Paracoccus marginatus (Heu et al. 2004)
  • This appears to be a first record for the Marianas.
  • Identification as Hyperaspis silvestrii was confirmed by Bernarr Kumashiro, Hawaii Department of Agriculture, from examination of digital images (email to A. Moore 6-SEP-2007).
  • Specimens were collected on Guam on 5-Feb-2008.