Families, 4-H (Youth Development), Food and Nutrition (F4HFN)

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The gamut of community programming touches on the need to foster and build strong families, youth and communities which are important to a stronger and resilient island community. The Families, 4-H, Food and Nutrition (F4HFN) Program area promotes developing both families and youth potential through educational learning experiences using research based curriculum. Base programs are designed to foster healthy learning experiences by addressing topics such as self-protection and management, global understanding, family communication, personal development, understanding diversity and career planning.

Equally important is how families rationalize dietary choices which often contribute to unhealthy lifestyles. This includes the increasing importance of foodborne illnesses and the threats to our local food supply in times of emergency. F4HFN helps blend these program areas into a seamless localized content covering diet, health, food safety and helping address value-added opportunities for locally grown fruits and vegetables.


4H Entomology Program 2007

Contact Information

Theodore M. Iyechad
Extension Agent IV & F4HFN Program Leader

CNAS Bldg. Rm. 111C
University of Guam
303 University Station
University Drive 
Mangialo, GU 96929 

Tel: 1+ (671) 735-2046
Fax: 1+ (671) 734-4448