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The ANR unit is the center of agricultural information and technical expertise in the western Pacific Region. The primary mission of the ANR unit is to advance research based knowledge through extension and higher education in the food and agricultural sciences. This includes the environmental and human sciences to benefit people and communities in Guam and the Pacific Islands. ANR serves as a key programming point for related issues on livestock, crop and aquaculture production.



Daphnis nerii adult.JPG Pest Diagnostics
We identify pests (insects, plant pathogens, weeds, etc) and provide control recommendations. We have online fact sheets for most of the common pests found on Guam, and a list of pests for each crop.
Shovel.gif Soil and Plant Testing
The Soil and Plant Testing Laboratory has provided analytical services to the Guam community and the Micronesian region for approximately 20 years. Clients of this laboratory have included farmers, home gardeners, golf courses, contractors, federal and local government agencies, schools, researchers, and landscapers.
People logo.gif PEOPLE: Portable Extension Office for Program Literature Exchange
PEOPLE is an extensive online library of extension documents which are relevant to Guam and other Pacific islands.

Contact Information

Manny Duguies
Extension Agent IV, Extension Veterinarian, ANR Program Leader

Room 105, Agriculture & Life Sciences Bldg.
University of Guam
303 University Drive 
Mangilao, GU 96929 

Tel: 1+ (671) 735-2088
Fax: 1+ (671) 734-5600

Our Five-Year Plan of Work (FY2007-20011)