Track list

2010-111323-1-H-TJFNothing significant found 9.99 km77.02 m-46.98 mS
2010-103738-1-T-All dogsTraining on live positive finds 0.18 km3.12 m-2.64 mL
2010-102754-1-C-ABS-BeetleWaypoint 34- positive coconut stump (7 first instars, 2 second instars, and 1 third instar),but there are sure to be many more Waypoint 35- Positive coconut stump (4 third instars), but there are sure to be many more 0.36 km5.64 m-7.69 mL
2010-100901-1-H-TJFWaypoint 31- Coconut tree snag Waypoint 32- Compost pile Waypoint 33- Compost pile 0.74 km6.98 m-9.15 mS
2010-104510-1-C-TJF-NutNothing significant found 0.37 km3.24 m-2.88 mS
2010-093628-1-H-TJFWaypoint 29- Compost pile Waypoint 30- Positive compost pile (1 second instar grub and an adult female were found), but there are sure to be many more 1.66 km43.18 m-29.36 mXL
2010-113457-1-H-TJFWaypoint 27- Positive coconut stump with 3 third intsar grubs found Waypoint 28- Coconut tree stumps 0.30 km6.84 m-6.36 mXL
2010-103151-1-H-TJFNothing significant found 0.69 km12.73 m-10.81 mXL
2010-095804-1-T-All dogsTraining on a positive find 0.18 km4.44 m-4.20 mXL
2010-094820-1-C-TJF-NutWaypoint 26- Positive coconut tree stump, 20 third instars and 5 second instars found 0.13 km2.88 m-5.40 mXL