Track list

2010-033136-1-C-T-All dogsTraining in Asan 7.59 km33.52 m-69.45 mS
2010-102233-1-H-TJFWaypoint 074- Positive coconut tree log with one adult female and eggs Waypoint 075- Positive coconut tree logs, stumps, and snags with a total of 33 firsts, 30 thirds, 2 seconds, 5 adult males, 4 adult females, and 12 pupae 1.19 km31.37 m-22.12 mXL
2010-092936-1-H-TJFNothing significant found 0.55 km6.73 m-28.36 mM
2010020131-H-TJFNothing significant found 0.82 km2.52 m-39.53 mS
2010-013254-1-C-TJF-NutNothing significant found 0.26 km46.73 m-8.40 mXL
2010-023406-1-V-TJFNothing significant found 0.39 km1.44 m-4.69 mS
2010-02301-1-C-TJF-CocoWaypoint 073- compost pile 0.50 km4.80 m-5.41 mS
2010-021853-1-C-TJF-NutWaypoint 039- Compost pile 0.49 km3.24 m-15.62 mS
2010-015859-1-H-TJFNothing significant found 3.44 km24.27 m-39.89 mS
2010-105758-1-H-TJFNothing significant found 23.59 km106.12 m-86.89 mS