Track list

2010-105935-2-C-TJF-NutNothing significant found 0.28 km4.09 m-5.05 mL
2010-104438-2-C-RJF-KyraNothing significant found 0.29 km5.65 m-4.21 mXL
2010-035742-2-C-TJF-NutNothing significant found 29.68 km370.23 m-314.36 mM
2010-022601-2-C-TJF-NutNothing significant found 0.41 km2.16 m-3.24 mS
2010-105925-2-C-ABS-BeetleNothing significant found 0.56 km55.41 m-64.54 mXL
2010-103404-2-C-RJF-KyraWaypoint 112- Positive compost pile Team B's tracks incomplete due to lack of GPS units 0.01 km0.00 m-1.44 mS
2010-095653-2-C-TJF-NutNothing significant found 0.69 km26.92 m-18.03 mXL
2010-092402-2-C-ABS-BeetleNothing significant found 0.74 km47.00 m-52.05 mXL
2010-035742-2-F-TJFNothing significant found 29.68 km370.23 m-314.36 mM
2010-111017-2-C-RJF-KyraNothing significant found 0.06 km1.20 m-0.48 mXL