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News Article: Giant Spider Traps Brown Treesnake in Web

Thanks to Andrew Gulac for sending me this news article about a golden orb spider ensnaring a brown treesnake in its web and killing it. A video is provided.

Here on Guam, Bjorn Lardner filmed a preying mantis attacking a brown treesnake and published a scientific note on this observation.



KUAM News Story; Nick Delgado interviews Aubrey Moore: "Guam has more spiders then all of CNMI"

Local entomologist Dr. Aubrey Moore says the theory is mass amount of spiders is caused by the brown tree snakes picking off the birds. He told KUAM News ...

Mystery Vine

This is an image of an invasive vine growing in Mongmong. The owner of the land that it is growing on is concerned because this weed is starting to spread. He contacted the Guam Department of Agriculture for advice and was referred to the University of Guam Cooperative Extension Service.

Responding to a request for identification based on the above image, Lauren Gutierrez responded:

"I believe this vine is Tinospora crispa (L.) Hook. f. & Thomson.  I have found this in the Matgue river area also.  Another Tinospora, T. cordifolia was also seen in Toto. T. cordifolia is considered a medicinal plant but where we saw it growing it was very invasive.   We have an endemic Tinospora, but the stem is smooth and is found along western coastlines in Agana thru Asan."

Lauren has a great image of Tinospora crispa forming an impenetrable thicket.

Armed with the scientific name, I was able to search for previous reports of this weed on Guam. My search turned up one of my own blog posts from December 2008:

Antmimicking Spider

This antmimicking spider was dropped of at my office for identification. An interesting feature of his mimick is the extremely reflective patch of white hair on the cephalothorax which makes the spider look like it has a "neck".


Specimen Label

Agat Post Office, Guam
coll. Amelia Uhria 27 SEP 2012

Unidentified spider

Spider refered to me from for identification from the Guam Plant Inspection Station. Not a widow spider (Theridiidae) - combs absent. Arrangement of eyes indicate this is an orb-weaver (Araneidae).

What critter is making these sounds?

noise made by unknown critter 

Ernie Matson made the attached recording made by an unkown critter in his back yard. I don't recognize this signal but I suggest it is probably made by a gecko or an insect. If it is an insect, it could be caused by an insect feeding (a boring insect), or an insect communicating by stridulation.

Radio Australia Interview with Aubrey Moore: Guam's Palms Threatened by Rhino Beetle

Aubrey Moore was interviewed on the Guam rhino beetle situation by Steve Rice, Radio Australia for the Pacific Beat program. Click here to listen to the interview.

PDN Newspaper Article: Guam Infested by Invasive Species

Please see attached file.

Internet Resources for the University of Guam 4H Entomology Course


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