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Weather Station at the University of Guam Agricultural Experiment in Yigo is Back On Line

Following problems with my internet connection, the weather station is now back on-line. I have dedicated an old laptop to log data from the Davis Instruments Vantage Pro Plus 2 wireless weather station and serve these data to Weather Underground. The laptop uses free, open-source software: an Ubuntu Linux operating system and wview to communicate with the weather station. Data are archived in an SQLITE database with a time resolution of one minute. Please contact me if you want a copy of this database. Otherwise, you can download 5-minute resolution data from Weather Underground. Click on the display below to visit the station.

Experimental Trap Results

This blog entry contains a PHP snippet which sends a query to the Guam Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle Database. The query returns the total number of beetles trapped in the current trap development experiment.
  • T - vaned bucket trap
  • SL - trap baited with standard pheromone lure
  • RL - trap baited with reduced release rate lure
  • UV - trap fitted with UV LEDs
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$sql"); ?>

UOG Researchers Search for Rare Butterflies and Snails

Please see attached file.

Hawaii on the Lookout for Rhino Beetles

The Hawaii Biodiversity Network has placed an alert of the coconut rhinoceros beetle on its site:


Intel Uses Rhino Beetle in Advertisement

Here's an ad by Intel which claims that a rhino beetle can carry 8 Ultrabook laptop computers on its back:

Intel Rhino

And here are some skepticle comments on the claim:



Solar Energy Data from a Weather Station at the University of Guam's Yigo Agricultural Experiment Station

The attached comma separated data (CSV) files contain daily insolation (solar energy) measured by a solar radiation sensor on Davis Vantage Pro 2 weather station which uploads data to a Weather Underground site, KGUYIGO2, every 5 minutes. The CSV files are generated by an R script which calculates insolation using data harvested from the Weather Underground site (see attached PDF for calculation details and code listing).

Carbon to Soil CIG grant

GCES and the Northern Guam Soil and Water Conservation District work to divert greenwaste from the Northern Hardfill  and convert it to a value added resource to build soil and increase fertility for sustainable food production.

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