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Internet Resources for the University of Guam 4H Entomology Course


National Geographic Python Hunters TV Show features brown treesnake, monitor lizard, and rhino beetle on Guam

National Geographic Python Hunters TV Show (Season 3 Episode 6; aired May 11, 2012) featured brown treesnake, monitor lizard, and rhino beetle on Guam.

Video: Tree Snake Night Hunt Starring Guam's James Stanford



PDN Newspaper Article: Rhino Beetle Needs to Be Stopped by Frank Ishizaki

Click here to read an article written by Frank Ishizaki based on info provided in a June 1 presentation for the 10th Annual Workshop on Plant Protection and Quarantine. The workshop was sponsored by USDA-APHIS and the Secretariat of the Pacific Community.  It was attended by quarantine officers throughout Micronesia, except for Guam.

Updated Environmental Assessment for the Guam Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle Eradication Project


An updated Environmental Assessment (EA) was prepared to evaluate impacts of changes to pest control options for Guam's coconut rhinoceros beetle infestation.

The EA analyzed the impacts of  adding cypermethrin, pyriproxyfen, and the entomopathogen Metarhizium majus to the CRB eradication program in Guam.  Treatments would occur to tree crowns, stumps and larval breeding sites. Cypermethrin treatments could occur to tree crowns, stumps or  larval breeding sites while pyriproxyfen would be  used as a treatment for tree stumps and larval breeding sites.  The entomopathogen, Metarhizium majus, would be  used in treating larval breeding sites where cypermethrin and pyriproxyfen are not used. 


The evaluation resulted in a Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI).



MV Article: World's 32 Most Invasive Species are Found on Guam

Please open the attachment below to read the article.

For background info, please read my blog post entitled "Guam has 32 of the World's Worst Invasive Species".

PDN Article: Officials Call for Christmas Tree Fumigation

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To be more precise, the Guam Department of Agriculture requires Christmas trees imported to Guam to be sprayed with a pyrethroid insecticide 3 to 6 weeks before harvest.  For background info, see:

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