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Fwd: 8/05 - 8/09 ICS FORM

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Trappers: R. Cabrera & J. Diego

  • Monitored trap route from Afame, Sinajana to Piti. 50 Traps checked, (14) beetles total: (7) old Asan Baseball Field, and (7) Piti Shooting Range.


K. Leon Guerrero, K. San Nicolas, & DJ Somol

  • Scouted the Leo Palace Resort area. Four snags were cut down but one was identified positive for crb material: (0) Eggs, (0) 1st, (26) 2nd, (16) 3rd, (0) Pupa, and (1F) Beetle. Half day scouting on approximately 20acres. More sanitation work needed in the area.

M. Hara & RJ San Miguel

  • Completed sanitation work at Mercy Heights from last Friday’s mission. Materials were taken to Oka Point. More sanitation work needed in the area.

V. Benavente & C. Crisostomo

  • Rapid Response: Aaron Palik; negative for infestation of compost around property fence. Feeding damages are visible on property and surrounding area.

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Fwd: 8/12/13 Meeting

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test monday 11:30

test 1 2 3

PNC News: Hotel Rhino: A new trap that lets rhino beetles check in, but not check out

Please see the attached PDF for accompanying text.

Little Fire Ant PSAs

Trap Development: Hacking a Chinese Garden Lamp for Use as a UV LED Power Supply for Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle Traps

Cheap Chinese garden lights have some features which make them ideal for use as power supplies for UV LEDs being tested on CRB traps:

  • ruggedized, water resistant
  • solar powered rechargable battery
  • LED turns on at dusk; just in time for the CRB flight period
I tried replacing the white LED that come with the unit with one of our UV LEDs. It works!
To make the LED omnidirectional, it is simply a matter of scuffing the plastic lens with 400 grit sandpaper to turn it into a diffuser.
Here's an interesting YouTube article explaining how the cicuit works:
Also see this discussion thread which includes a circuit diagram.

offoff onon Solar powered UVLED applied to pan trapSolar powered UVLED applied to pan trap

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