Micronesia Biosecurity Plan Nears Completion

A January 18, 2012 article in the Palau newspaper, Island Times, is entitled "Micronesia Biosecurity Plan Nears Completion". The article features quotes from Fred Sengebau, Director of the Palau Bureau of Agriculture.  Sengebau said that the plan will contain recommendations for strengthening biosecurity – preventing invasive species – for all of Micronesia, including Palau.

The MBP was initiated by the US Navy to mitigate an expecting increase in arrival and spread of invasive species in Micronesia as a consequence of the Guam military buildup. The Navy referred to the MBP in the environmental impact statement for the buildup, but it was not released for public comment prior to the record of decision (ROD). In the ROD, the Navy made the following commitment.  "MBP development will continue after the ROD with the APHIS, USGS, and SERC Risk Assessment and Biosecurity Plans anticipated in December 2010 for review by DoN and NISC. The Final MBP is anticipated in March 2011 and will be made available for public review."  

The Navy currently anticipates release of the MBP in March 2012.