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Possible Rhino Beetle Sighting on Saipan

Report Prepared by Dallas Berringer
December 18, 2009


Two Guam residents visiting Saipan during the week of December 13
found a live adult beetle in the Garapan vicinity on Beach Road. The
insect was believed to be a Coconut rhinoceros beetle (CRB) by the
two visitors and a waitress at the scene concurred based upon her
familiarity of the beetle in the Philippines. The incident was
reported to the Guam CRB Incident Command on December 16, 2009.
Incident personnel met with the residents making the report on
December 17 and showed them an adult CRB, which the observers
acknowledged as the same insect they had destroyed on Saipan.

The sighting was reported to the Department of Lands and Natural
Resources (DLNR) and Northern Marianas College (NMC) on December 18.
Plans to confirm if CRB may be established and to deal with a
potential incident are being worked on. The Guam CRB Incident is
providing lures to assist NMC in placing additional traps near the
area of the sighting. NMC and DLNR began trapping and survey work for
CRB after the beetle was discovered on Guam in 2007 but has had no
confirmation of CRB being present in the CNMI to date.

Guam CRB Incident Command considers the report as being credible but
not authenticated.

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