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Pacific Pests and Pathogens App for Cell Phones and Tablets

Pestnet has been working on fact sheets for Mobile devices, a project supported by the ACIAR ICM/IPM project for the Pacific.The app has just come out on Google Play Store and Apple App StoreIt is for mobile phones and tabletsThere are now 236 fact sheets in this version 2.In addition, an index for downloading individual fact sheets is available on the web at

Attempts at Keeping Track of Invasive Species in the Marianas

Guam Invasive Species Advisory Committee Wiki



Guam Alien Species Registry



Database of New Island Records


user: readonlyguest password: readonlypassword database: firstislandrecords


Guam Invasive Species Alerts



Micronesian Arthropods Database




Check List of Micronesian Insects

Please click on this link:


Guam Agricultural Resource Listing Flyer

Please see attached PDF.

Best if printed using these properties:

  • use 14" by 8.5" paper
  • two-sided print; flip on short edge

Weather Station at the University of Guam Agricultural Experiment in Yigo is Back On Line

Following problems with my internet connection, the weather station is now back on-line. I have dedicated an old laptop to log data from the Davis Instruments Vantage Pro Plus 2 wireless weather station and serve these data to Weather Underground. The laptop uses free, open-source software: an Ubuntu Linux operating system and wview to communicate with the weather station. Data are archived in an SQLITE database with a time resolution of one minute. Please contact me if you want a copy of this database. Otherwise, you can download 5-minute resolution data from Weather Underground. Click on the display below to visit the station.

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