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Guam Natural Resources Survey Report

The "Natural Resource Survey Report in Support of the Environmental Impact Statement for the Marine Corps Relocation Initiative to Guam" has finally been released.

Click here to download the report as a PDF file (70 MB).

Article: Guam’s rare butterfly may soon be gone

 Marianas Variety Newspaper article on plight of Guam's endangered butterfly.


FEIS Responses to Comments: Impact on the Mariana Eight-spot Butterfly, an Endangered Species

Comments on potential impact to the Mariana Eight-spot Butterfly, an endangered species living on "Route 15 Lands" proposed to be used for firing ranges were submitted following release of the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) and were posted here.

Responses to these comments have been returned as part of the Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS).  Despite the fact that many acres of critical habitat will be destroyed, DoD maintains that "impacts are expected to be less than significant".  Click here to see comments and responses.

An analysis of the responses and a rebuttal to some of them can be found here.  This rebuttal was emailed to JGPO on August 23, 2010 with a follow up by snail mail on August 28.

Spiders Intercepted on Ship from Korea

Araneus ventricosus

Larinioides cornutus

A ship delivering housing units and accessories from South Korea for a work force village expected to house up to 18,000 temporary workers was turned away from Guam's seaport in Apra Harbor last week when it was discovered that the ship and its cargo was infested with thousands of spiders.  The spider infested cargo was being delivered to support a massive military buildup on Guam.  It is predicted that the amount of cargo arriving at Guam's ports will exceed six time the current levels.  A corresponding increase in arrival of invasive species on Guam is identified as an unintended consequence in the draft environmental impact statement for the buildup (

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