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Mantids on Guam

Taxonomic List from Kevan & Vickery (1997)[1]

Superfamily Mantodea

Family Orthoderidae

Subfamily Orthoderinae

Orthodera burmeisteri Wood-Mason, 1889

Family Mantidae

Subfamily Mantinae

Hierodula patellifera (Audinet-Serville, 1838)

Polyspilota aeruginosa (Goeze, 1778) (recent introduction-probably did not establish)

Statilia pallida Werner, 1922 (most common mantid in Marianas; Philippine species)

Tenodera angustipennis Saussure, 1869

Tenodera australasiae (Leach, 1814)

Family Sibyllidae

Subfamily Sibyllinae

Sibylla pretisoa Stal, 1856 (recent, deliberate introduction-probably did not establish; African species)

Biocontrol Introductions

Three mantids, [i]Polyspilota aeruginosa[/i] (Goeze), [i]Sibylla pretiosa[/i] Stal, and [i]Spodromantis[/i] sp., were released in 1972.  None of these mantids has been collected since, and we feel that they di not establish (Nafus & Schreiner (1989)[2]).

Additional Information

Beir[3] published an article on Mantodea in Insects of Micronesia. It is available only in German.


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