Guam Military Buildup

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Guam Natural Resources Survey Report

The "Natural Resource Survey Report in Support of the Environmental Impact Statement for the Marine Corps Relocation Initiative to Guam" has finally been released.

Click here to download the report as a PDF file (70 MB).

Guam Senator Judi Guthertz Poses Questions Concerning the Micronesia Biosecurity Plan

The Pacific News Center reports that Senator Guthertz, Guam Military BuildupCommitte chair, has expressed concerns about the Micronesia Biosecurity Plan (MBP) funded by the US Department of Defense.  The MBP has been proposed to mitigate increased risk to Guam and surrounding islands from damage caused by invasive species arriving as an unintended consequence of the military buildup:

"Guthertz says the ROD reveals that a regional Micronesia Biosecurity Plan is being developed by a Navy contractor. The MBP 'will include risk assessments for invasive species throughout Micronesia and procedures to avoid, minimize, and mitigate these risks.'"

"In a letter to Assistant Secretary of the Navy Jackalyne Pfannenstiel, Senator Guthertz said that to her knowledge, the biosecurity plan is not yet final and is being developed with Navy funding by a U.S. mainland firm. She also said that her understanding was that the plan 'will not include the physical resources (personnel, equipment, facilities, etc.) required to handle and mitigate bio-security/invasive species issues that will occur during the military buildup'  There’s apparently also no federal funding for carrying out the plan at this point."

The full article is online at

Article: Guam’s rare butterfly may soon be gone

 Marianas Variety Newspaper article on plight of Guam's endangered butterfly.


USFWS Submits Biological Opinion on Guam Military Buildup

The US Fish and Wildlife Service has submitted a "Biological Opinion" to the Department of Defense concerning the proposed Guam military buildup.  See attached pdf.

I was surprised to find that this B.O. does not include discussion of probable impacts to the Mariana eight-spot butterfly, Hypolimnas octocula, which is listed by USFWS as a candidate for the national invasive species list.  These impacts were discussed in the Draft Environmental Impact Statement and the Final Environmental Impact Statement.  For more information, see

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