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GECKO Friend or Foe?

GECKO Friend or Foe?

By Lee S. Yudin, Ph.D.

Pacific Daily News

April 25, 1998


On Guam, this reptilian house guest is either referred to by its Chamorro name “guali’ek” or by its Latinized name “gecko.” In Latin, the word “gecko” means chirping lizard. As residents of Guam we often hear the chirping sounds of these lizards in feverish pursuit of their mate or making sure that their territory is well protected from intruders.

            Over the years, I have found it quite amusing that people are either terrified of this miniature dinosaur-like creature or that they find this lizard an amusing form of evening entertainment. For those who are terrified of geckos it will be of little value, believe me, to try to convince them otherwise. For them to witness a gecko climbing upside down o the ceiling wall is enough to induce the most terrified into utter hysterics.

            Those of you who have a little more faith in mother nature may view these little creatures with utmost respect. They do what they do best – consume a large number of insect pests like moths, termites, cockroaches, ants, and other small arthropods – and are environmentally friendly.

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