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Why all the flies?

Why all the flies?

By Lee S. Yudin, Ph.D.
Pacific Daily News
January 31, 1998

God made the Fly and Forgot to tell us why – Ogden Nash

We all have endured a lot of stress since Typhoon Paka – power problems, water problems, and too many children not at school problems. And if these conditions weren’t enough to add a few more gray hairs to the top of one’s head, we now have to deal with an increasing number of pesky flies.

Flies are a very significant and divers group of insects. They include such fly pests as the filth flies (house fly, dung fly and green bottle fly) that feed on decaying food and fecal material, fungus gnats that dine on decaying organic matter and those pesky mosquitoes who nourish themselves on our blood by piercing the skin with their needle-like mouthparts. Filth flies, fungus gnats, and mosquitoes thrive in conditions where food is abundant and breeding sites are ideal to produce a vast number of offspring.

Typhoon Paka provided a tremendous amount of food and breeding sites for fly populations to dramatically increase. Food – in the source of garbage, decaying plant material, and rain – furnished a unique habitat for these flies to become a very big nuisance on Guam.

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