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Armies of Ants

Armies of Ants

By Dr. Lee S. Yudin

Pacific Daily News

September 27, 1997


“The ants come marching one by one, hurrah, hurrah, the ants come marching one by one the little one stops to play on drum – and they all go marching down, to the ground, to get out, of the rain ….”


Ants are very unique insects and we are all aware they have the ability to find the most remote piece of sugar or food droppings left on counter tops. Ants, as well as bees and termites, live in colonies. An ant colony is made up of one or more queens, winged females that can become queen, winged males, workers, and in some ant colonies there are soldiers which defend the colony. On Guam, we are quite familiar with ant colonies as they search, in marching assemblies, for food and shelter in our homes and in our gardens. Ants, like humans, have certain food preferences. Some like proteins which they obtain from meat, peanut butter, or chewing up their favorite insect – the termite. Some have an extraordinary addiction to sweets like processed sugar, cereal, and all types of candy. Lastly, there are some ants that like fatty foods in the form of grease, butter, or lard.


The most common questions asked about ants are “how do they manage to get inside our homes, where is their nest, and most frequently –how do I get rid of them?”


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