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[3339] Moore A, Miller RH, Marler TE.  2013.  A coalition of invasive species attacks Guam's native cycads. Entomoligical Society of America Annual Meeting.
[3362] Moore A, Bamba J.  2013.  Eggplant mealybug, Cocoidohystrix insolita. Guam New Invasive Species Alerts.
[2999] Moore A.  2012.  CRB is the BTS of the 21st Century. Brown Treesnake Technical Working Group Meeting.
[3014] Moore A.  2012.  Update on the Guam coconut rhinoceros beetle eradication project. Western Micronesia Invasive Species Committee Annual Meeting.
[2998] Moore A.  2012.  Guam as a source of new insects for Hawaii. Pacific Entomology Conference.  Download: GuamHawaiiBugConnectionP.pdf (2.3 MB); GuamHawaiiBugConnection.tar_.gz (21.79 MB)
[3012] Moore A.  2012.  Insect pests of ironwoods. Ironwood Decline Conference.
[3013] Moore A.  2012.  Insect pests of trees on Guam. Ironwood Decline Conference.
[2997] Moore A.  2011.  Evaluation of a Scratchpad Template as an Online Database for the University of Guam Insect Collection. Entomological Collections Network Annual Conference.  Download: MooreECN2011.pdf (4.3 MB)
[3016] Moore A.  2011.  Containing the rhinoceros beetle outbreak on Guam. International Plant Protection Congress.