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[3351] Moore A.  2014.  Insects Attacking \textitSerianthes nelsonii}. 2014 Island Sustainability Conference.
[3343] Moore A.  2014.  Biological invasion of forests on Guam and other islands of Micronesia. 65th Western Forest Insect Work Conference .
[3344] Moore A.  2014.  Evaluation of a Scratchpad template as an online database for the University of Guam insect collection. iDigBio Biodiversity Collections Digitization in the Pacific Workshop.
[3363] Moore A.  2014.  Brown marmorated stink bug, Halymorpha halys. Guam New Invasive Species Alerts.
[3361] Moore A, McConnell J, Watson G.  2014.  Camphor scale, Pseudaonidia duplex. Guam New Invasive Species Alerts.  Download: camphorscale2.pdf (459.78 KB); camphorscale.tar_.gz (407.97 KB)
[3365] Route A, Moore A.  2014.  Castor hairy caterpillar, Olepa ricini. Guam New Invasive Species Alerts.
[3374] [Anonymous].  2014.  Conserving Our Nation's Only Native Cycad Species. Currents: The Navy's Energy and Environmental Magazine. Fall 2014